A selection of the companies we support.


Advanced Prodrug Technologies

PharmaCytics’ proprietary platform technology improves PK properties of small molecules of both R&D and marketed compounds. PharmaCytics focuses on increasing the oral bioavailability and thereby turning a parenteral compound into an effective oral variant. The technology creates an NCE and may thus contribute to the life cycle management plans of companies.

For patients, this renders a drug with a preferred route of administration and with less side effects and higher efficacy. For society on a whole, it leads to a significant decrease in health care costs.

Madam Therapeutics

Fighting antimicrobial resistance

Madam Therapeutics is a Dutch company that develops Synthetic Anti-Microbial and Anti-Biofilm Peptides (SAAPs) to combat resistant bacterial infections.


Cancer immunotherapy for solid tumors

CimCure develops a vaccination based immunotherapy directed against the tumor blood vessels that are common to most solid tumors.

Pharmatide is lead investor in Cimcure’s pre-seed financing round, a friends and family round that is expected to close in short notice. Subsequently, Pharmatide will also lead the next financing round, which is expected to be finalized at the end of 2020.