Pharmatide made Joint Venture between Pharmacytics and Madam Therapeutics possible

November 2020

PharmaCytics and Madam Therapeutics, 2 innovative biotech companies, have announced they will co-develop a new class of antibiotics that can be administered orally.

Madam Therapeutics will develop these new antibiotics using their SAAP platform, while PharmaCytics will provide the technology necessary.

PharmaTide helped set up the cooperation and is convinced it will be a productive and fruitful one.

Intravacc to in-license CimCure’s iBoost technology

July 2020

Intravacc to in-license CimCure’s iBoost technology, expanding its vaccine platform portfolio.

The Netherlands based Intravacc, a worldwide leading translational research and development vaccine organization with an extensive track record in developing viral and bacterial vaccines, today announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with Dutch based CimCure, focusing on cancer immunotherapies for solid tumors, for in-licensing CimCure’s iBoost technology.

This agreement offers Intravacc access to this technology in developing new vaccines and for providing services involving the in-licensed technique in mutually agreed countries. This technology also enables Intravacc to expand its translational expertise towards the development of cancer vaccines.

The iBoost (immune boost) technology was developed at Amsterdam UMC, lab-location VUMC, by Prof. Dr. Arjan Griffioen, professor of experimental oncology and CSO at CimCure. This technology overcomes limitations over current methods for inducing antibody responses against cancer specific antigens. iBoost is currently applied to elicit antibody responses against the tumor vasculature, a strategy that conquers the problem of drug resistance. This treatment strategy has a long-term efficacy and is extremely cost-effective. Proof-of-concept has been shown in several preclinical models.

By using the patented iBoost technology, Intravacc and CimCure are also involved in the joint development of a COVID-19 vaccine. CimCure/Amsterdam UMC received a 1.3 million euro grant from Health Holland, an investment organization of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In the collaboration, CimCure will focus on the design and preclinical validation of three different types of COVID-19 vaccine concepts, while Intravacc will be responsible for the vaccine process development, the pilot production of the candidate vaccine under GMP conditions and for a phase I clinical trial.

Dr. Jan Groen CEO of Intravacc stated:

“We are excited to have signed an agreement with CimCure providing us access to the iBoost technology, which will have a game changing effect on the vaccine industry and the near future development of oncology vaccines. This agreement expands our platform offering towards potential clients and will further boost our developments within our oncology- and infectious disease vaccine portfolios”.

Diederik Engbersen, CEO of CimCure said:

“We believe that this license agreement with Intravacc and the value of our platform outside oncology will contribute to future revenue growth of the Company.

Big pharma teaming up on new $1 billion fund for antibiotics investments

June 2020

Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Merck KGaA and the American Merck — one of the last giants standing — are teaming up to create a $1 billion for-profit venture to bet on small biotechs developing mid-stage antibiotics…

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PharmaCytics winner Innovation Award 2020

PharmaCytics wins the Innovation for Health 2020 award

February 2020

PharmaCytics has won the Innovation for Health & Global Investor Forum award 2020.

PharmaCytics got the popular vote as well as a unanimous vote from the Jury, consisting of investors.

For PharmaCytics this is an important step in recognition of the value of our Technology that can turn parenteral drugs into an oral variant by making them look like nutrients.