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Optimizing the process of medicine development in startups

Pharmatide Invest focuses on startups in the bio-pharmaceutical arena.

We are particularly interested in drug delivery platforms like viral vectors, nanoparticles and orally bioavailable pharmaceuticals. Generally applicable technologies will revolutionize the health care sector.

We welcome business plans in oncology and other areas of unmet clinical need. Whether therapeutic or diagnostic – think of the very early detection of cancer signatures – oncology is our primary interest.

Interesting facts

The Life Sciences Industry In Numbers

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What We Value In A Company

Good management

An energetic and realistic management is prerequisite for every succesful company.


A professional and well-organized company, both legally and financially, is essential in realizing full potential.

Intellectual property

Intellectual Property is vital for startups in the life sciences and is a significant driver of value creation.

Early stage startup

We typically provide seed capital after the “family and friends” round, either dilutive or non-dilutive.