Investing in life sciences companies with big ambitions

Helping startups utilize their full potential

Pharmatide Invest delivers value for both early stage companies and private investors in the life sciences. We provide talented entrepreneurs with the resources and tools to achieve success. We combine entrepreneurial funding and scientific knowledge to help build successful companies.

Pharmatide Invest provides the financial means, while making sure the goals of both founders and private investors are met. We take an active role in optimizing the strategic processes and product development. We combine new creative ideas with new value propositions.

Business development

We offer strategic, clinical, operational, financial and commercial guidance and support, if and when required.

We will actively help you building a client portfolio and create strategic partnerships. We play an active role as shareholder by committing our knowledge, experience and network of consultants in the diagnostic/pharmaceutical space.

We provide hands-on business development. We connect with inventors in a way that benefits all parties. Ultimately, that connection leads to innovations that help to solve the many unmet medical needs that are still out there.


We provide capital for life sciences startups for medicine development in early stages of the process. We also provide capital for their compounds in early stage of (pre-) clinical development.

Funding may be dilutive, coming from our large network of business angels, or non-dilutive coming, from one of our strategic partners.

The first financing round typically entails € 100K – € 1 mio.

For our services and our active business development we obtain shares. Our partnerships typically last for 3 – 7 years after which we plan an exit.